Horse Riding & Care

Louise offers one-on-one horse riding and care lessons for children from the age of three.


Your child will gain an understanding of how to care for horses and riding techniques. They will be involved in the whole process of bringing in the horse from the paddock, to caring for their hooves and brushing them down. Louise will teach each child about the equipment needed, horse behaviour and how to ride.  

Children up to 35kg will learn how to ride bareback on the smaller pony, Billy. This will help enforce good balance and core strength, along with building a solid foundation of the posture that's reuqired for riding prior to transition onto one of the bigger horses; Horse or Lucy. 

Children who do not meet the weight requirement for Billy, will start straight onto our middle sized horse, called Horse. 

The one-on-one lessons will ensure your child is getting the most out of each session with Louise. ​

Sessions run 4:00-5:00 weekdays and cost $40.00 per session.

If you have any questions, please send us a message on our Contact page or book now on our Bookings page