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Named after the creek which runs through our property, we at Trickle Creek are proud to offer lots of rural experiences. By using hands-on exploration around Trickle Creek, each child will have the opportunity to try something new! We not only have a caravan dedicated to toys and dressups we have a dedicated child area for all sorts of activities should the weather turn south - but that doesn't stop us! 

Your child will climb hills, run around and likely get a little muddy. They'll get to experience playing with a variety of animals, learning how to take care of them and cuddle them of course! 


We have child care options, horse riding lessons, school holiday programmes, and bespoke birthday parties on offer. 

Book now to secure your child's spot with us! 




Louise is a qualified Early Childhood Teacher with 23 years of experience, and also holds a current First Aid certificate. She has a passion for teaching children about rural life and giving them the opportunity to play and learn about her animals.

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