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Rural Child Care

We are proud to offer childcare between 9am - 430pm on Wednesdays.

Children from 2 and a half years of age are welcome to join us. If your child is younger, but you feel is capable of joining us for the day then get in touch and organise a visit with us. 


Our rate is $15.00 an hour and we take a maximum of 4 children a day.

Your child will be given the chance to dive into rural life. No day will be the same, between learning how to care for a variety of animals, exploring Trickle Creek, or playing in our caravan that has been packed to the brim with toys and things. We have a new dedicated area for your children to enjoy, including a special arts and crafts space to make crafts with - your child is guaranteed not to be bored.


Our focus is to have your child outside rain or shine. 

Book online with us, this acts as your enrolment form.

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